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TracPlus Announces the Globally Connected Cockpit with RockAIR

TracPlus Announces the Globally Connected Cockpit with RockAIR image

Global tracking and messaging provider TracPlus Global has announced the RockAIR, a portable, glareshield mounted, satellite/cellular tracking and messaging device from their partner Rock Seven Mobile. When used with TracPlus’ mission-critical platform, the RockAIR is a breakthrough in cost-effective global connectivity for aviation operators.

The RockAIR is entirely self-contained and attaches securely and easily to the glare shield with an included quick release clip. Powered either via USB or aircraft power, it automatically switches between ground-based cellular data networks and Iridium’s global satellite network to send and receive position reports, text messages and user-defined forms from anywhere in the world. Supported by comprehensive DO160G testing documentation, the portable form factor allows for low-cost installation into most aircraft. An NVG-compatible front panel provides temporary suspension of tracking in agricultural or on-station loiter operations, automated SAR monitoring, position marking and distress/distress cancellation. Fully supported by TracPlus proven platform and renowned customer service.

The RockAIR includes multiple digital inputs to support engine and airborne sensors, allowing the automatic and accurate capture and transmission of takeoffs, landings, engine startups, engine shutdown, in addition to user-defined events from other sensors. A backup internal battery allows position and event reports to be successfully transmitted after the aircraft has been shut down, allowing accurate flight and engine time reporting. A host of internal sensors allow the RockAIR to transmit flight operating conditions such as operating temperature or sudden impact events. In addition, GPS, internal and external sensor information is logged onto a removable SD card every second, allowing the RockAIR to operate as a flight recorder for post flight or post incident analysis. With the increasing use of iOS devices, the RockAIR uses Bluetooth and the TracPlus Connect app to bring additional functionality to the cockpit. This includes sending and receiving text messages, configuring the device, and filling and sending user-defined forms anywhere in the world, regardless of cellular coverage.

As this is the first DO160G-tested portable tracking device with both satellite and cellular capability, TracPlus is including unlimited 15-second cellular tracking with all airtime plans for the RockAIR. “We are very excited to bring Rock Sevens’ latest product to our customers – this represents a tremendous step forward in global connectivity and capability, and we are delighted to be delivering a range of new and innovative services and plans that build upon this remarkably accessible and powerful platform” said TracPlus Global Chief Innovation Officer, Chris Hinch.

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