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Transmission of In-Flight ECG Now a Reality

Transmission of In-Flight ECG Now a Reality image

Flightcell International has successfully integrated the Flightcell DZMx and medical monitors, enabling 12-lead ECG data to be sent from an aircraft in-flight.Both the Zoll X Series and the LifePak 15 have been validated with the help of Zoll New Zealand and GCH Aviation.

Flightcell and its technology partners are excited about the benefits of this technological advancement: “Our customers can now send ECG data to the ED ahead of their arrival, giving staff more time to mobilise and prepare”, says John Wyllie, CEO, Flightcell. This potentially lifesaving technology is achieved using cellular broadband data and a Wi-Fi or Ethernet internet connection to access Zoll online account and LifePak LIFENET systems. It’s not just limited to Zoll X Series & LifePak 15, it will operate with any medical monitor/defibrillator that can transmit data via WiFi to a hotspot gateway.
“It’s going to be of real benefit to the patient transmitting ECG data earlier. It’s also going to reduce our workload upon arrival.”

Carl Babe
GCH Aviation

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