Aero Asahi, one of Japan’s leading general aviation service providers, will introduce an AW169 with a dedicated Agusta configuration into service. Aero Asahi is the first Japanese operator to use an exclusive VIP Leonardo helicopter in Japan under the relevant Agusta brand.

Aero Asahi has become highly familiar with the outstanding features and capabilities of the modern AW169 type, by supporting a dedicated demo tour held in Japan in 2023. The AW169 brings high performance, advanced flight and navigation capabilities thanks to its sophisticated avionics and mission systems, unparalleled comfort and sustainability with customized interior and APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) mode, which powers all main cabin and cockpit systems on the ground with rotors stopped. In addition to the latest generation safety standards. The Agusta brand perfectly complements these characteristics for VIP/corporate transport duties, with its unique combination of best-in-class performance, high comfort and customization levels, alongside the latest technologies the world market has been recognising in Leonardo’s executive transport-configured helicopters for decades.

Aero Asahi’s AW169 is expected to be delivered in spring 2025 and will feature a range of dedicated equipment comprising advanced soundproofing solutions, dedicated VIP seating for up to eight passengers, Smart Cabin Management System with air conditioning control, and an entertainment system.