Airbus Helicopters and Chinese company SKYCO International Financial have signed a contract for six H175 helicopters. 

Entrusted by the Guangdong Provincial Government, SKYCO Leasing is in charge of leading the aviation industry development in the province. The H175s acquired by SKYCO Leasing will be deployed by the Guangdong Government for SAR, HEMS, disaster relief and other public services missions in China.

“This cooperation goes far beyond the purchase of helicopters. It is an unmistakable sign of Guangdong Province's willingness to lead the development of the helicopter market in the southern region of China. We are proud that the Guangdong Provincial Government has chosen Airbus Helicopters to carry out this ambitious cooperation project together,” said Bruno Even, CEO of Airbus Helicopters.

On top of the helicopter purchase, the parties have agreed on the reinforcement of Airbus Helicopters’ footprint in China Guangdong Province and the Greater Bay Area in close collaboration with SKYCO Leasing. This includes the joint development of support and services activities and an industrial cooperation setup to lay a solid foundation for the development of general aviation by promoting the reform to open low-altitude airspace. The partnership will also explore an effective business model adapted to the Chinese aviation market that will contribute to regional economic growth.