Aviation Specialties Unlimited, based in Boise, Idaho, have received a supplemental type certificate for the Bell 429 from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.

“Our team has worked closely with EASA for years,” said ASU’s vice president of business development and experienced instructor pilot Chad St. Francis. “Last year, we were able to announce EASA STCs or the Bell 212, 412, AB212, AB412, and 412EP under a single EASA STC 10078190. STC 10082016 REV.1 adds another Bell aircraft to our portfolio of STCs available for European operators.”

Bell has delivered more than 90 Bell 429 aircraft in Europe and more than 430 Bell 429s are in operation worldwide.

In addition to the Bell 429 STC, ASU also holds Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and EASA STCs for numerous other aircraft. ASU has more than 60 night vision STCs from the FAA, EASA, and other aviation administrations.