CHC Helikopter Service, the Norwegian division of CHC Helicopter, the global helicopter services company specializing in transportation and SAR operations, have secured a four year contract extension with OKEA on behalf of the Draugen license, a operator on the Norwegian continental shelf, until the beginning of 2028.

The extended contract covers crew change and transportation services to OKEA’s Draugen Platform in the Norwegian Sea. CHC will dedicate an S-92 aircraft to support the offshore operations from Kristiansund Base.

Helge Nesvåg, Senior Commercial Director, CHC Helikopter Service, said: ‘We are proud to have been awarded this latest contract by our valued client, OKEA. The continuation of our strategic alliance reinforces our operational expertise and dedication to supporting our clients’ success. This long-term deal guarantees access to cutting-edge aircraft and highly skilled personnel, meaning we can deliver uninterrupted, year-round flying’.