CNC Technologies, an aviation technology and wireless communications company serving the law enforcement, military and government markets, has announced the Texas Department of Public Safety, Massachusetts State Police, Dallas Police Department, Ohio State Highway Patrol, and Ontario Police Department have all signed multi-year Service, Support, and Training agreements. These contracts cover the service and support of aircraft mission suite components and microwave downlink ground infrastructure, as well as on-going operational training.

Texas DPS purchased their newest Cessna 208 Caravan from CNC Technologies with a full mission suite back in 2022, and CNC has performed numerous Airbus H125 mission suite completions for the agency over the past few years. CNC has a multi-year contract to provide on-going support of the state’s receive site infrastructure along with mission equipment upgrades as needed.

Massachusetts State Police purchased their newest Airbus H135 and their Cessna 208B Grand Caravan EX from CNC Technologies during the past few years. CNC also performed mission suite equipment upgrades on their remaining three EC135 helicopters. CNC was most recently awarded a multi-year contract to upgrade and support MSP’s receive site infrastructure.

CNC Technologies has been working with Dallas PD for the past 7 years, most recently performing a mission suite upgrade on Dallas PD’s Bell 407 in 2023. The aircraft is outfitted with a full law enforcement mission suite. CNC was also recently awarded a multi-year contract to support all three DPD aircraft and the agency’s receive site infrastructure.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Ontario Police Department have long trusted CNC Technologies for their mission suite design, aircraft integration and training. CNC has completed multiple projects for these agencies and will continue to support their missions with the new contracts in place.

“We are very proud to announce these multi-year SST contracts,” said Ed Van Winkle, Vice President, Law Enforcement Sales and OEM Projects. “We look forward to many more years with these agencies and are excited to support them in their public safety mission.”