UK Devon Air Ambulance have launched their 200th Community Landing Site at Tews Lane Playing Field, Fremington.  
The extensive network of 200 surveyed landing sites have allowed their aircraft to land in many towns and villages across Devon during the ‘hours of darkness’, enabling specialist medical crew to reach patients quickly and safely. 
The network of Community Landing Sites was first established in 2016 when the organization began the move to nighttime flying. Creating the pre-surveyed sites caught the imagination of the Devon’s supportive towns and villages quickly, and it did not take long to hit 100 sites with that number continuing to rise. 
“Its great news that a second community landing site in Fremington is now operational and we can reach even more local people by air during the hours of darkness. My thanks to the Fremington Parish Council for their ongoing and continued support for this project.”
Said Graham Coates, Landing Sites Manager at Devon Air Ambulance.

The importance of the Community Landing Sites in developing nighttime operations and the CLS network has been invaluable and continues to provide pre-surveyed and managed sites that crews can choose to land at when tasked in the hours of darkness.