Enstrom will be able to better care for its European customers with its recent repair station validation by the EASA. This validation certifies that Enstrom repair station processes are in full compliance with the latest EASA requirements.

Enstrom’s state-of-the-art repair station (EASA.145.8090) operates within its Menominee, MI factory. It will now provide European Union customers with helicopter maintenance, damage repairs, upgrades, and component overhauls, all at the hands of Enstrom’s premier repair experts.

This announcement comes on the heels of February’s FAA Repair Station validation. Prior to that, Enstrom had completely refurbished its facility with new equipment, new tooling, new storage, and countless other quality-of-life improvements. In the months since then, Enstrom’s repair station has issued return-to-service releases for 61 components and assemblies.

“We’re proud of the hard work that went into receiving this validation, and it will be a welcome relief to our customers in the European Union,” said Enstrom Chief Commercial Officer Dennis Martin. “We couldn’t be more excited. With this validation, our Repair Station can now provide overhauled components and other services to our European customers in addition to parts.”