European Medical Drone, a Swedish drone operator focusing on connecting hospitals by means of drone transportation, and Swiss Dufour Aerospace have signed a development cooperation and purchase agreement for 11 Aero2 uncrewed tilt-wing aircraft.  The agreement includes the delivery of one Aero2 X2.3 prototype aircraft in 2024 and 10 serial Aero2 aircraft starting in 2026. Savback Helicopters, a Swedish helicopter vendor and partner of Dufour Aerospace, is assisting this transaction.

The three companies will collaborate specifically with a view to introducing the Aero2 uncrewed aircraft on first routes between hospitals in Sweden, together with the partners of European Medical Drone. This work will include drafting the necessary concepts of operations, submitting the necessary documentation to the authorities, and carrying out trial operations to identify both the potential and limitations of operations and implementing use case specific requirements into the aircraft.