Loft Dynamics has announced that EPNER test pilot school in France will acquire one of the company’s EASA qualified simulators. EPNER will use Loft Dynamics’ Airbus H125 VR FSTD to train their students in executing and evaluating maneuvers uniquely required for their job function. The school is the latest organization to harness the power of virtual reality to make pilot training safer, more affordable, accessible and sustainable.

“The exact replication of flight behavior, including precise helicopter movements, and high-quality 3D visual depictions made it overwhelmingly clear that we needed to implement Loft Dynamics’ simulator into our test crew training programs,” said Patrice Gaillon, Deputy Director and Head of Training at EPNER. “We can demonstrate and train flight behaviors at the edge of the envelope and beyond so that students hone the most relevant techniques before stepping foot in the actual aircraft. This kind of simulator training is incredibly efficient; we can safely and regularly repeat maneuvers until the required performance level is reached all while never being beholden to aircraft availability, which is subject to weather conditions, airport hours of operation and maintenance slots. The skills and knowledge become so engrained – they know exactly what to apply and evaluate during test sessions.”
Said Patrice Gaillon, Deputy Director and Head of Training at EPNER.