Erickson Incorporated and Helicopter Express, Inc. have announced a strategic alliance formed to support and diversify S-64 Air Crane operations in North America and meet growing worldwide demand for heavy-lift, S-64 sustainment, modernization, and production.

Helicopter Express is acquiring additional Erickson S-64s, one delivered this month and others through the end of the year.

“The Helicopter Express team is thrilled to own and operate additional cranes, support existing customers, and bring the crane’s unique construction and firefighting expertise to new customers in North America and abroad,” said Helicopter Express Founder and President Scott Runyan.

Both companies have coordinated closely with customers to ensure a seamless transition with no disruption of service. These customers will benefit from further assurance of OEM support through the Powered by Erickson™ program, which is a performance-based logistics plan with added value to keep aircraft in the air and on mission.

“The alliance with Helicopter Express is a strategic step for us,” said Erickson President and CEO Barry Kohler. “Erickson is channeling resources to integrate the global supply chain and improve support for all operators.”

In October 2022, Helicopter Express was the first commercial operator to acquire an S-64F from Erickson, adding heavy-lift capability to their versatile fleet. Erickson continues to optimize their OEM support of operators and grow the fleet of the iconic S-64 Air Crane to serve communities worldwide.