Skyryse One, the world's first production helicopter operated with a single control stick and two touch screens powered by the SkyOS operating system that offers simplified control and an aircraft-agnostic, triply-redundant fly-by-wire system. It's no longer just a helicopter it's now the most integrated, elevated, and simplified aircraft in the world. By replacing the decades-old mechanical controls and removing hundreds of potential points of aircraft failure, Skyryse was able to completely rethink cockpit design from a blank slate to build something entirely new.

"The Skyryse One might look familiar on the outside, but the similarities to any other aircraft end there. Since the invention of vertical flight, pilots have juggled four controls simultaneously, using both hands and both feet just to keep it airborne," said Dr. Mark Groden, founder and CEO of Skyryse. "Until today."

The highly-automated SkyOS system brings a new level of simplicity and safety to general aviation. Some of the first of the kind features include: Fly By Wire full four-axis flight control system System, Dynamic Envelope Protection that continuously combining pilot inputs, environmental conditions, aircraft status, and flight parameters to keep the aircraft in a safe envelope, an interactive and triple redundant flight control system,  a fully Automated Autorotation with the SkyOS quickly recognizing a power failure and automatically enters into an autorotation, automating the glide, flare, and set-down, with the pilot in control.

It also has Auto-Pickup and Set-Down, Hover Assist, Inherent Stability, Swipe-to-Start and IFR capability.

Skyryse has removed the complex mechanical controls and replaced them with a single four-axis control stick which is combined with two intuitive touch screens, uncluttered by the traditional complex array of boxes, controls, and indicators. The Skyryse One cockpit puts the pilot fully in command, while freeing them from mundane, error-prone chores. Skyryse One restores peace-of-mind to simply enjoy the flight.

The Skyryse One's groundbreaking, simple, ergonomic, and upscale interior opens up a revolutionary new experience for pilots and their passengers, allowing for a variety of customization upgrades previously unheard of in general aviation.

Fully-refundable, non-transferable reservations for the Skyryse One are available on the Skyryse website for just $2,500. Their first customers will lock in their Skyryse One First Edition aircraft for an introductory price of just $1,800,000, excluding any additional interior or livery customization's selected by the customer. Beyond these First Edition units, the Skyryse One cost will be determined by position in line and production timing.