Airborne Technologies has announced the successful completion of the first platform upgrade under the iSAR SASEMAR initiative. This project encompasses the outfitting of both a CASA CN-235 and an AW-139 with the technology to support the critical missions of the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency (SASEMAR).

Acting as a subcontractor for Schiebel, Airborne Technologies has executed the upgrade for the CASA CN-235, enhancing its search and rescue capabilities. While work on the AW139 is still ongoing, the fixed-wing aircraft has already obtained its STC approval.

Jesús Domínguez de Tena, from SASEMAR Air Service says: “This milestone represents a major step forward for Salvamento Marítimo in the modernization of its air units, incorporating cutting-edge technology that will help us to provide a more efficient and effective service and, ultimately, to continue fulfilling our mission of protecting life at sea with the most advanced means at our disposal. The collaboration with Schiebel and Airborne Technologies as the subcontractor has been instrumental in achieving these enhancements, leveraging their expertise in the field.”