Flexjet is now offering a direct helicopter service from Florida to The Bahamas and sees it as a logical extension of the company’s year-round helicopter service in the Sunshine State.

Flexjet launched its helicopter division in 2022 with a fleet of S-76s to complement private jet Owners with first and last mile transport, the S76 fleet is also available for on-demand charter in the U.S. Northeast, Florida and the U.K.

“As people move their residences to Florida for the season, demand for our Florida helicopter service will increase including travel from Florida to The Bahamas. With our authorization in place, those trips to The Bahamas can happen in privacy, luxury and on their schedule,” said Eli Flint, president of Flexjet’s helicopter division. “We have already identified tailored landing zones in areas important to our customers.”

With seating for up to eight passengers the S-76 has a maximum travel range of 2 hours 30 minutes with reserves and 38 cubic feet of baggage capacity, Flexjet was authorized to fly to the Bahamas and conducting proving runs in August.