Heli Austria, a leading operator in mission-critical helicopter services across Europe, has announced a strategic partnership with TracPlus, equipping their entire fleet of 37 aircraft with the advanced tracking, communications, and fleet management solutions. This collaboration marks a significant advancement in operational safety, efficiency, and responsiveness for Heli Austria's wide array of services, including heavy lifting, emergency medical services (EMS), flight training, and aerial firefighting.

The next-gen solution, powered by the new common operating platform TracPlus Cloud and coupled with the new RockAIR LTE devices offers Heli Austria a unified operational view, enabling comprehensive oversight and data-driven decision-making to enhance safety and efficiency across all missions, from routine flights to emergency responses — no matter how remote their mission.

Roy Knaus, CEO of Heli Austria, highlighted the decision's strategic importance: "Opting for TracPlus's comprehensive solutions was a natural step forward in our mission to lead the industry in safety and efficiency. The capability to monitor and manage our fleet through a single pane of glass, combined with the support and insights provided by TracPlus, made expanding our partnership an obvious choice."

Wayne Oxenham, VP Enterprise Sales, at TracPlus says he is thrilled to see our partnership with Heli Austria reach this pivotal milestone.

"Their decision to outfit their entire fleet with our solutions is a significant endorsement of our vision to lead in operational wildfire management and response globally. This collaboration represents a shared commitment to enhancing safety, efficiency, and operational excellence in mission-critical environments," says Wayne.

He adds that at TracPlus, we pride ourselves on developing innovative solutions that meet the complex needs of our clients.

“Working with Heli Austria, a leader in their field, enables us to not only deliver on our mission to provide user-centric solutions that prioritise safety and coordination but also to shape the future of aerial firefighting and emergency services. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to being the trusted strategic partner in mission-critical operations, offering a unified operational view that is essential in today’s challenging environments."