HeliSpeed Academy have announced the signing of a strategic training agreement with Hongkik Air South Korea. Under the terms of the agreement, HeliSpeed Academy will provide Bell 206 instructor training to Hongkik Air pilots.

“We are thrilled to partner with Hongkik Air South Korea in this training endeavor,” said Gemma Walker Operations Director of Helispeed Academy. “This collaboration not only underscores our dedication to advancing helicopter pilot training globally and also strengthens international ties within the aviation network for training. Hongkik Air South Korea has a great reputation in Asia, and we are confident that our training programs will further enhance their capabilities and safety standards in line with their growth plans.”

“Our partnership with Helispeed Academy will enable us to elevate our training standards and enhance the proficiency of our instructors,” explained Hongkik Air South Korea’s Woojeong Kang, “We believe that this collaboration will contribute significantly to the development of the helicopter industry in our region and ensure the highest level of safety for our operations.”