Brazilian based Helisul Aviation, the largest single turbine engines civil helicopter operator in Latin America, and Daedalean, the Swiss based developer of AI-based applications for situational awareness, has selected Daedalean’s PilotEye traffic awareness system for its fleet.

Under the terms of the deal, Daedalean’s PilotEye, a traffic awareness system combining ADS-B with AI-enabled visual detection of non-cooperative traffic, will become the first AI-enabled system to be installed on an entire fleet of aircraft. Helisul will retrofit its AS350 fleet and will serve as Daedalean’s partner MRO serving all of Latin America for future installations and maintenance of the system.

“Leveraging the best of innovative technology has always been at the heart of Helisul’s commitment to safety,” said Humberto Biesuz, Executive Superintendent of Helisul. “We are proud to adopt Daedalean’s ground-breaking AI technology, and to become the first operator to feature the most advanced cockpit in the industry. We see great potential in using Daedalean’s pilot assistance systems to further enhance the safety of our operations.”

Daedalean’s PilotEye, developed in collaboration with Avidyne, merges ADS-B with real-time video footage fed from aircraft-mounted cameras into an onboard computer loaded with a neural network. Daedalean’s machine-learned model is capable of recognizing all kinds of airborne hazards, including birds, drones, gliders, paragliders, and other traffic not equipped with transponders.

Currently, the system is progressing through the certification process with the US Federal Aviation Agency (FAA), with concurrent validation by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Daedalean will provide comprehensive support for the integration of its system into Helisul’s fleet as well as supporting the necessary steps for certification by the National Civil.