Kawasaki Heavy Industries has announced the delivery of an H145 D-3 to Central Helicopter Service, Ltd.

This is the third D-3 delivered to the same company, and the 13th it has delivered in total. The D-3 delivered this time, like the two already delivered, is intended for use in emergency medical services.

The BK117 series has large cabin space with a full flat floor, versatile and large rear clam shell doors. This makes it possible to carry a total of five passengers including patients and large medical equipment, and is highly regarded as a medical helicopter not only in Japan but all over the world for its ability to perform smooth medical treatment and patient transport.

The D-3, retains the features of the previous model, the BK117 D-2, such as reduced noise, high mobility with high-performance engines, improved hovering performance at high altitudes, and reduced pilot load with the state-of-the-art avionics , while improving performance by using of the five-blade main rotor.