The Leonardo AW189 super medium helicopter’s success grows stronger in Malaysia and Asia. The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) has selected the type for its long range search and rescue requirement. Four aircraft will be delivered under a contract signed with Galaxy Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd between 2025 and 2026, adding to a fleet of three AW139s already in service and testifying the reliance of the operator on Leonardo’s latest generation rotorcraft technology.

The Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency is a security agency established to enforce law and order for the preservation of peace, safety and security in the Malaysian Maritime Zone and to coordinate search and rescue operations in the Malaysian Maritime Search and Rescue Region. The AW189s will provide a major boost to safely and effectively extend the patrol and search reach over sea as well as persistence during the mission.

Belonging to the AWFamily of products, the AW189 (8.3/8.6 tonne) combines superior payload and range with advanced technologies to successfully operate a wide range of missions such as Search and Rescue, energy industry support, passenger transport, Fire Fighting and Law Enforcement. Unique features of the helicopter include the main transmission’s capability to run without oil for 50 minutes and a built-in Auxiliary Power Unit. The AW189 is available with more than 200 certified kits and delivered with a comprehensive support and training service package tailored to meet specific customer requirements to maximize mission effectiveness and safety of operations. The type is also certified for an automatic data transmission system enabling the aircraft to transmit performance data to a ground station using satellite communication in flight, 4G cell connectivity, or Wi-Fi when on the ground. It offers a secure way to share an accurate picture of each flight so that Leonardo experts can assess data quickly, thus optimizing maintenance and support. Over 140 AW189s have been ordered, and more than 90 delivered to operators worldwide to date. After 10 years since its certification, the AW189 remains the world’s most successful super-medium category helicopter by market size, number of operators, countries and applications and has an established footprint in Malaysia and Asia for a wide scope of duties including SAR, disaster relief, firefighting, law enforcement and energy support.

Leonardo continues to play a major role in the Malaysian helicopter market, expanding its presence and increasing its capabilities through a continued plan of investment and industrial cooperation with Malaysian Aerospace industry. With a regional hub for customer support and training near Kuala Lumpur, Leonardo has been present in the region for many years, with hundreds of helicopters performing missions such as offshore and passenger transport, utility, homeland security, law enforcement, SAR, emergency medical services, maritime patrol, military naval roles and armed reconnaissance. An AW189 Full Flight Simulator is expected to be operational this year at Leonardo’s Training Academy in Malaysia to meet regional crew training needs.