Metro Aviation have delivered the second of three new H125s to the Baltimore Police Department.  The Aviation Unit is replacing three older aircraft and will continue to utilize a fourth EC120 for its fleet.

The Aviation Unit required an aft Tactical Flight Officer (TFO) station to mirror the forward TFO station in the cockpit.  Metro met the customer’s needs, installing a transmit foot switch, tactical radio control head, and a customized aft TFO station that allows officers in the back of the aircraft to monitor mapping systems. From the aft position, officers can also control the monitor’s downlink and LoJack car systems. 

“Every customer is different, and we treat each law enforcement completion as a unique customization that fits the unit’s profile,” says Metro Customer Configuration Coordinator Amy McMullen.  “We pride ourselves on offering the exact solutions our customers need and want. The aft TFO was a must-have for the Baltimore Police Department and our engineering and production teams were able to design exactly what they needed for their requirements.”

A SHOTOVER augmented reality mapping system combines street names, intersections, direction of travel, speed and more on a single display, giving TFOs the freedom to stay focused on their target and maintain optimal situational awareness. Each aircraft also includes a WESCAM MX-10 imaging system, Vislink downlink system, Macro-Blue tactical displays, and a Spectrolab Nightsun.