Monroe Country in Florida has ordered three AW139s that will be operated by Trauma Star, a joint effort of Monroe County Fire Rescue and the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office and will provide air ambulance support across the Florida Keys from Lower Keys Medical Center and the Florida Keys Marathon International Airport.

These AW139s will be delivered from Leonardo’s FAA-Certified Part 21 Production Facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, between the end of 2024 and early 2025, after which it will undergo dedicated mission customization before replacing the County’s existing fleet.

“An extensive search for a replacement aircraft was made to update Trauma Star’s aging fleet of Sikorsky S76 aircraft with a newer, manufacturer-supported aircraft.  The goal was an aircraft that would increase operating cost efficiency and reduce downtime due to unscheduled maintenance.  The AW139 is the only aircraft available that will meet Trauma Star’s mission profile, able to fly the distance, carry our payloads and utilize our current landing zones” said Monroe County Sheriff Rick Ramsay.