NHV have announced its collaboration in Taiwan with Apex Aviation with the aim of providing innovative helicopter transportation services to the offshore wind industry in Taiwan. Given the ambitious construction and maintenance of windfarm projects in Taiwan, the establishment of a helicopter-based personnel transportation and emergency rescue service has become a growing demand for offshore wind operators. As a result, NHV is committed to establishing a solution for the offshore wind farm industry, further delay in this endeavor could impact on safety, operational excellence, and the overall commercial success of windfarm projects. Recognizing the risks associated with entering a new market unprepared, the NHV Group has evaluated its options and chosen to partner with Apex Aviation, a local Taiwanese company with deep industry expertise, shared safety values, and a proven track record of collaboration with the Taiwanese government and local authorities.

Wilson Kao, Chairman of Apex Aviation, affirmed the partnership’s potential, stating, “Apex Aviation’s operations team in Taiwan boasts unrivalled experience in managing large-scale international helicopter projects. We are confident that the amalgamation of our team’s expertise and NHV’s extensive offshore wind experience will successfully introduce long-awaited helicopter services to the offshore wind power industry in Taiwan.”

Joseph Kearton, Vice President of Strategic Development at NHV Group, added, “NHV is delighted to join forces with Apex Aviation to bring this innovative solution to the market. This collaboration will enable us to deliver a safe and reliable operation, mirroring the high standards our clients are accustomed to in the North Sea, in Taiwan.”

Apex and NHV are planning to complete the certification process for helicopter operations, with a launch date in the fourth quarter of 2024.