During Chinese President Xi Jinping's state visit to France recently Safran CEO Olivier Andriès and GDAT Group Chairman Peter Jiang, Safran Helicopter Engines signed a support-by-the-hour contracts with GDAT, to support the Makila engines powering its fleet of Airbus H225 helicopters, as well as the Arrano engines powering GD Helicopter Finance (GDHF) H160 helicopters to be operated by GDAT, which will shortly enter service. These two SBH®*-type contracts cover in-service support and MRO (maintenance, repair and overhaul) for 140 Arrano 1A and Makila 2A1 engines.

These contracts will be managed by Safran Helicopter Engines China, the leading helicopter engine supplier in the country, with more than 500 engines in service. In China, one out of every two helicopters is powered by Safran engines, either produced by Safran or under license.

“We are particularly proud that a leading helicopter company like GDAT Group has placed its trust in us for the operational follow-up and MRO of its engines. GDAT Group has an ambitious fleet development strategy, and we're going to support them with the best possible services for their success”, said Cédric Goubet, Safran Helicopter Engines CEO.

“GDAT is very pleased to enter into this partnership with Safran Helicopter Engines and we look forward to a long and productive relationship. It wants to grow helicopter operations and further develop the China low-altitude economy. The Safran support and partnership will help enable this vision”, said Peter Jiang, GDAT Group Chairman.

“GDHF welcomes the strength and teamwork of Safran Helicopter Engines which will help ensure the operational success of our fleet of 50 H160”, said Michael York, GDHF CEO.

GDAT is a China's leading low-altitude economy company, focusing on helicopter business and operating the largest H225 fleet in the country. It provides helicopter rescue, transport, particularly offshore transport and aerial work missions. It is also a highly technical helicopter maintenance company. Founded in 2012, and based in Shanghai, GDAT has subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Suzhou, and Ningbo.

GDHF is a start-up helicopter leasing and finance company based in Dublin, Ireland. It plans to rapidly grow a large portfolio of new-technology, efficient, cost-effective, multi-mission helicopters, including the Arrano-powered H160, and lease it to customers globally.