The skidded variant of the AW169 has had its operational capabilities and range of options expanded with the launch of a 5,100 kg (11,243 lb.) IGW kit and an 11-seater configuration fully compliant with the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers Report 690.

The 5,100 kg (11,243 lb.) kit for the AW169 skid version will also benefit evolving civil and public service markets. Key factors to this capability expansion are the inherent growth potential of the type not requiring modifications in the design of critical components, and the performance increase packages, delivering greater engine and transmission power as well as improved aerodynamics in all conditions and for all applications.

Compared with the standard 4,800 kg (10582 lb.) Maximum Take-off Weight, the extra 300 kg (661 lb.) available with the 5,100 kg IGW kit allows the embarkation of three more passengers or the addition of fuel for approximately one hour of operations. Existing operators of the type’s version with skids will be able to retrofit the 5,100 kg IGW kit to enhance their aircraft’s capabilities.

As an additional option, the 11-seater configuration, fully compliant with the IOGP Report 690 (Offshore Helicopter Recommended Practices), will introduce a new modular fuel tank system and two additional Type IV emergency exits in the cabin, increasing the total number from four to six. Combined with the 5,100 kg IGW kit the type will satisfy the even more demanding offshore transport requirements in terms of payload, range, and compliance with IOGP latest standards.

The Certification of the IGW increase is expected in 2024 while the 11-seater configuration with new modular fuel tank is planned for certification in 2026.