MD Helicopters (MDH) is pleased to announce the contract signing of an MD 530F with Special Missions training center in Argentina. The aircraft will be used for police, security, and military training in heli-borne assault and reconnaissance operations at their state-of-the-art training center in La Pampa Providence, Argentina.   

“Incorporating the MD 530F into our services will significantly bolster our capacity to deliver top-tier solutions to our valued customers. The unmatched performance, agility, and maneuverability of the 530F will not only elevate our operational efficiency but also ensure enhanced uptime, enabling us to exceed expectations in our services.” Javier Catoni, President of Special Missions.

Special Missions ordered the MD 530F helicopter to add to its training fleet of a Robinson 66, Cessna Grand Caravan, and a Cessna 172. The aircraft is scheduled to be delivered in Q2 2025.

“I am pleased to announce the expansion of our renowned product line into the South American region. Our 530F helicopter stands as a testament to reliability and effectiveness in training and real world missions globally, and we are confident it will surpass expectations with Special Missions’ clientele. We eagerly anticipate delivering outstanding results and are excited to witness the growth of our presence in this vital region.” Jason Lindauer, VP of Sales and Marketing.

The 530F is custom configured with a mission equipment package that includes a crash resistant auxiliary fuel tank, OnBoard Dual Cargo Hook system, Tyler Special Ops Platform, and a Tyler MD Fast Rope, among other items to ensure it fits the training mission profile for its customers.