In the skies above the Netherlands, a vigilant force provides a watchful eye – the Police Aviation Service is an essential division of the Infrastructure Service within the Dutch police.

Since its inception in 1953, the Dutch Police Aviation Service has relentlessly served as the nation’s eyes in the sky. Operating around the clock with their fleet of aircraft that includes nine helicopters, the Air Support Unit serves as watchful guardians, covering a vast expanse of 16,000 square miles on a mission to protect and serve.

The Dutch Police Aviation Service is not merely an airborne patrol. It actively upholds aviation law by ensuring compliance with regulations and guaranteeing a high standard of safety and efficacy in every mission from SAR tactics to safeguarding national borders through aerial surveillance.

Cutting-edge technologies are essential to the success of the unit. GPS, radar, advanced navigation instruments, electro-optical and electro-mechanical systems, high-intensity searchlights (HISL), and mission mapping and video management software are some of the crucial tools of modern aerial policing.

Equally crucial to their operations are the Tactical Flight Officers who orchestrate numerous procedures, including the efficient operation of equipment, navigating strategically, and providing situational awareness.

These officers handle myriad responsibilities, from facilitating on-scene management to processing evidential material, all within an environment that demands exceptional skill and spatial awareness.

Recent midlife updates and equipment upgrades to the Air Support fleet have included the installation of five TrakkaBeam TLX high-intensity searchlights on the EC135 aircraft and two TrakkaBeam TLX units on the AW139s. These additions significantly enhance the nighttime capabilities of the helicopters, enabling TFOs to execute crucial operations more effectively.