Weststar Aviation, the largest offshore helicopter service provider in Southeast Asia, has entered a strategic partnership with Helicopter & Cooperation SAS to expand the global reach of its European affiliate. H&C is a joint venture between two prominent aviation companies, Paris-based Avico Group, and African-headquartered Westair Aviation.

Under the terms of the agreement, H&C will hold a controlling equity interest, while Weststar Aviation Services will continue as partner in Weststar NDD Srl’s development with no changes to the management of WNDD and its EASA structure.

By leveraging on all parties’ collective knowledge and expertise, the partnership aims to broaden the range of services and strengthen Weststar NDD Srl’s market position in Europe and Africa. The focus will be on providing mission-critical services to WNDD’s current and prospective clients in the oil & gas industry, search and rescue, and EMS sectors across these regions. With a strong emphasis on complying with local content regulations and delivering best-in-class aviation services, this partnership is well-positioned to capitalize on the significant growth opportunities in the industry and create new synergies with fixed-wing aircraft operations to serve better customer needs.